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Why we need your support

In Cambridge every year there are:

  • 5,700 new patient referrals
  • 20,000 breast screening attendances
  • 450 new breast cancer diagnoses
  • 970 research trial entries

  • A table-top specimen x-ray cabinet for the Breast Unit 

    A better and faster way to diagnose suspected breast cancer.

    We want to make diagnosis for patients with suspected breast cancer faster and safer. To achieve this, we want to equip the Cambridge Breast Unit with a table-top specimen x-ray cabinet. With this equipment, biopsies could be performed in less time and to higher safety standards. This will mean less distress for patients while they undergo a biopsy procedure and, at the same time, allow more patients to be diagnosed more quickly.

    Above: Radiographer Michelle Boyce with the vacuum assisted biopsy mammogram machine

    Through the introduction of this equipment, access to the clinic will be improved and waiting times reduced, enabling one additional patient to be screen each day. The procedure will be quicker resulting in less stress and anxiety and a greatly improved patient experience.

    “Purchasing an x-ray specimen machine for the Cambridge Breast Unit will not only improve the diagnosis in breast vacuum biopsies for patient's safety and comfort but will also enable one additional patient to be screened each day."  Penny Moyle, Consultant Radiologist and Clinical Director of Breast Screening